Crate Paper Design Team : Pastel Cards

Hello CP friends! Today, I would love to share with you cards that I created with the very pretty Chasing Dreams collection by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper. Cards are pretty easy to put together and they are perfect for any occasion! Once you have a 'sketch' in your mind or on paper, the design will come naturally as you put all the elements together. 

The cards I put together are pretty similar to each other. I kept the cards simple but they look classy and fun! One of my fav things to do is to keep the cards 'uniform' so that I don't have to spend too much time on each card. This way I can create more cards in lesser time. My cards mainly consist
one die-cut & one title/sentiment in the middle. The only thing I did was to use different elements so the cards look different but still similar in a way. The first card certainly was the initial idea that led me to create the second card. 

I love transforming this smaller art canvas by using one of my favorite techniques that is layering. This time round, I layered the patterned papers and stitched them together with my swing machine. Each cards has similar patterned paper to create a cohesive look. 

The gold glittered polka-dots acetate is such great addition to the cards. Just by adding the gold elements onto the cards instantly elevate the classy look.

Thanks for coming by. Have a great crafty week! 
Xoxo Jessy

Supplies: Maggie Holmes Chasing Dream - 12x12 paper pad (375969), Ephemera Die-Cuts (375950), 6x12 Stickers (375951), Fringed Paper Butterflies (375960), Thickers Stickers (CDTS-75955), Oasis - Ephemera Die-Cuts (378994), 6x12 Stickers (378995)

Crate Paper Design Team : Journaling Bible

Whenever journaling in my bible, I'd use something flat so that my bible would be able to close well. I love that I could include stickers in the Chasing Dreams collection as part of my journaling. Before I begin, I will always choose a bible verse to journal. It certainly help to speed things up and also keep me focus on what I want to create.

Over the years, I am so blessed with so many friends. Be it in the church, scrapbooking community, online friends... these friends made me feel so loved, gave me lots of encouragements in my creative journey, stregthened my faith and most importantly accepted who I am, just the way I am made :) Put a smile on my face just by thinking about the friendship God has blessed me over the years!

Supplies: Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams - Puffy Stickers, 6x12 accent stickers, washi tape, ephemera die-cuts. Maggie Holmes Gather - Gold alpha puffy stickers. 

Thanks for coming by!
Xoxo Jessy 

Crate Paper Design Team : Hello Sunshine

When I found out that I'm assigned to create a layout that incorporates stitching, it sure made me think on how to make stitching to stand out. As always, I will take out products and look at the possibilities on how these products "speak" to me. This time, I wanted to play with Oasis collection, simply because of that cute photo of my baby girl in our garden! That also challenges me that I can create fun & cute projects with themed collection on everyday photos :)

After glancing through, I decided to include some ephemera leaves on my layout. That pretty much sets the tone for my layout. All I knew was to add stitches at the middle section of each leaf. Once that is done, I was looking for patterned papers. I really loved how the black & white script paper against the green & gold leaves but it was a little too "loud". So I decided to use a black cardstock to layer on the script paper to tone things down. I felt the black cardstock was not outstanding enough for the layout. That's when I decided to give a little stitch by stitching stripes on it. 

To begin, I measured the space for each line. Then, I used a ruler & lightly drew the lines with pencil. That way, my stitches will look uniform and chances of sewing it crookedly will be reduced too. Mine is certainly not perfect stitching but it's the look I was going for. Absolutely loved the end result, it is subtle and not looking for too much attention on the overall design. 

Here are some closed up shots of my layout: 
Adding the gold mist splatters really brought out the fun of this layout. Looks really pretty against the black cardstock!

By adding layering & texture i.e.: papers, stickers (accent, chipboard, etc) to the layout, it will give a fuller look to the layout. 

I couldn't resist using my monstera leaves that I had at home. Love that these leaves matched the cute photo and also the elements on the layout!

Supplies: Crate Paper Oasis - Chipboard Stickers (378993), Cardstock Stickers (378995), Ephemera Die-Cuts (378994), Getaway (OASDS-75973), Palm Springs (OASDS- 75972), Postcard (OASDS-78984)

Thanks for letting me share today!
Xoxo Jessy

Citrus Twist Kits : Bible Journaling Pages

Hello again! I'm back to share with you what I have created with the March GraceBox. Absolutely love this month's box (in fact I love each month)! It is filled with so many colourful elements & designs. Imagine the amount of pages you can create with these awesome goodies :) I love the fact that the Illustrated Faith paper pieces and CTK journal cards have scripture prompts that you can jumpstart your journaling. Truly love mixing all these awesome products on my bible pages!

First off, I created this page based on the Psalm 103. It is truly because of His love and blessings, I can live a happy life! A life knowing that my God has prepared a good present and future life for me & my beautiful family. 

The second page, it is about Psalm 30 - God's joy comes in the morning. As a SAHM, it is refreshing to know that God's joy is indeed my strength every morning, intact all the time. 

Lastly, this page was created based Judges 18:5-6. It speaks about new journey or new season in life. When we are unsure, inquire the Lord and He will lead and guide us because God always wants us to succeed in everything we do! We serve a great God!

Thank you so much for coming by! Hope you are inspired to pull your GraceBox and create. Share with us your creations, we would love to see!

Xoxo Jessy

Maggie Holmes Design Team : Birthday Packaging

Whenever I have some time on hand, I'd always take the initiative to make my gift packaging pretty for special friends. I really love seeing the joy on the receiver's face especially the ones who has less encounter with pretty embellishments i.e. Scrapbooking products. And with that, it always give me the honor to introduce what is scrapbooking/memory keeping all about! 

This time round, I got to present this gift for one of my church girlfriend's birthday! She is a blessing to me & I thought a handmade gift would be perfect. And of course a pretty packaging on the outside would be something should would appreciate too! 

I really loved using the floral die-cuts as the peacock's tail! Can you see what I'm doing there ;) 

Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Ephemera Die-Cuts
Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Puffy Stickers 
Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Accent Stickers 

Thanks for coming by again! Have a great week. 
Xoxo Jessy

Crate Paper Design Team : Birthday Frame

Hello again! I'm back to share with you on custom birthday gift that I created for my good friend in church. She's an amazing lady with a heart of gold. She absolutely loves her family with all her heart. Having her in mind, that quickly made me search for the suitable photo for this gift. Let's say, she made it easy for me. She used this same photo as her FB profile picture. So yeah, I thought it would be perfect as her birthday gift! And I also decided to work in a smaller canvas this time round. A 5"x7" shadow frame that I got from Ikea. It was the perfect size!

To create on this frame, I used Maggie Holmes' Chasing Dreams collection. I started with the beautiful polkadot patterned paper called Adventure. Once I have measured and cut it out, the next step was to place the photo in the middle of the canvas. And the rest, I just layered with chipboard, stickers & ephemera shapes. Lastly, I adhered the sentiment stickers. It is pretty simple to create when you have so many pretty things/elements to play with! :)

I just loved using this shadow frame, it allowed me to use different textures & dimensions as I create! 

Don't you just adore that fringed paper butterflies! It is just perfect to be adhered as part of the project. 

Supplies: Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Adventure (CDDS-75924), Chipboard Stickers (375949), Thickers Stickers (CDTS-75955), Accent Stickers (375951), Phrase Stickers (375952), Puffy Stickers (375953), Fringed Paper Butterflies (375960), Ephemera Die-Cuts (375950)

Thanks for coming by!
Xoxo Jessy

Maggie Holmes Design Team : Wedding Shenanigans

I really enjoyed attending friend's wedding. So much joy, love and happiness to celebrate with the newly weds! And besides all those, having photos taken at the photo booth is totally the coolest thing! All the different poses, silly faces we made will be remembered for a long time. Just for that reason, it is a good reason to scrap all those photos we taken. 

I'm always obsessed with flowers espeicallt the