My Cute Nurses & Doctors

Last Friday, my students and I had a great time during the art & craft session in school. I promised them on Thursday that they'll get to do a doctor/nurse bag if they behave. Kids always get excited to see the craft work before doing it. The sling bag contained a plaster, a cotton pad, a gauze and a tongue depressor. They're so excited and you can really see the excitement on their cute faces! I was really impressed that some of them actually could join the manila cards by threading it with a rafia string. They can really outsmart you at times! That's really true. After they've finished with the bag and a head band, immediately they wore it and played doctor/nurse with their friends. It was really fun looking at them enjoying themselves. Being a teacher is a very satisfying experience. My goal is to educate them to be a better person and to teach everything that they need to learn. To my K1 class, I'm proud to have you in my class. You kids rock!

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