Be practical

It was yesterday where I did practical life session with my students again. Yes, it is a subject that is being taught to the children in kindergartens. Let me share something about practical life with you :)

Practical life activities include a wide range of tasks from pushing in a chair to baking a cake. These activities address the child's basic desire to feel competent, to be independent, and to belong. In addition, the practical life activities help children develop a sense of order and sequence, help develop muscular coordination, hand/eye coordination, and provide an opportunity for concentrated purposeful work. The skills gained through work in the practical life area are essential for success in all other curriculum areas. The teacher carefully presents practical life activities to the children, paying attention to sequence, timing and rhythm.

What the children learned yesterday was to clean the toys. They're taught how to squeeze the excess water from the cloth and wipe the toys. As usual they had so much fun. Children love to help but sometimes mum and dad thinks it's troublesome cause they might need to re-do what their kids have done. Sometimes with all the hassle, we might bring out a better quality child or person. *Ponder*.

Harworking boys and girls in action.

"What we have to consider is how we can present this action to the small child and at the same time disturb as little as possible the creative instinct." Quoted by Maria Montessori

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