Birthday Wishes

Not very many things could be more wonderful than having your buddies remembering your wonderful day, BIRTHDAY!
I received many messages and also phone calls on the 27th September and to thank all of them, I decided to post the sweet messages in our blog. Once again, thanks for all those wonderful birthday wishes and prayers. I'm touched! *wink*
God bless you too :)

Radha (my 'twin' sister & best-est friend)
Happy 26th Birthday to my dearest friend, my sis, Jessy. Wish u life's best n may all ur dreams n wishes come true. Love u always n God Bless. xxx Kumari

Dear Jessy..Happy Birthday! May God bless u n grant u the desires of ur heart. Hope u have an awesome year ahead! uve been a wonderful friend.. have a great day k! Love ya! *hugs*

Joanne (my sister)
Hey happy bday!Love, joan.

Silas (my kai ko)
Blessed Birthday, my sister! May the good Lord bless thee and thy household." psalm 23 from kai ko & kai sou

Dear Jessy, I would like 2 wish u a very happy Birthday. May God blessu n b with u always. Hav a great n fun time 2day.
Agape Jennifer Yap.

Happy Birthday!! Hehe.I hope i got d date have a crazzzy day n God bless!

Happy birthday baby gator... :-)

Happy Birthday Jessy! I'm sure chung kor (Eric) will haf things planned out 4 ya. Well, continue to be a blesing to de youths. haf an enjoyable bday! take care...

Yvonne Wang
Hey happy happy birthday! May God bless you bless u abundantly :) hugs

Becky (my kai che)
Wishing u happy birthday n most of allwishing that all ur desires shall come thru in accordance 2 GOD's will n timing especially in ur marriage, new hse, future planning 4 baby :-) n also in work n ministry! have a great day ahead! ~HuGz&kiSSes~

Hi Jessy, lyana here..Juz wana wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Enjoy urself n hope 2 meet u someday..Tk cre..Bye :)

Jamie (shares the same b'day date with me)
Hey just wanna wish you happy birthday! Wish you allthe best in every thing and take care always

Elaine Ch'ng (my kai mui)
My Dearest ka Che! Happie Birthdae! Wishing u all the best in all future undertakings. Che, I'm honoured to hav u in my life as my sister, my leader, my bestfren. Thank you for everything! U're a blessing to me. Take good care!Hav a great day! God bless u!*hugs & kisses* Love always, -laineymui-

Darshini (my 'wacko' friend)
Happy Birthday gal.may God bles u this day n many days 2come. hope u hav an awesome day with ur hubby. get spoit. love ya n miss ya loads. lot's cuddles frm oz.

Hi jessy.. Happy birthday! May our good Lord continue to pour out his abundant blessings to u.

Timothy (my bro-in-law)
happy birthday

May God put u on His lap tonite n take all da tiredness & pain that u had brought by da busy dayz & may u sleep tite under His care. Gud nite, sweet dreams n sleep tite.. BLESSED BIRTHDAY JESSY! may God bless u plentifully on tis wonderful n special day..

Charlene Tan
Happy Belated B'day! Sorry ya for de late b'day wish! Have a great day!

Elaine Chin
Happy Birthday to you!

Pas Calvin & Mae (they gave me a card)
Hi Jessy! Blessed Birthday to you! you have been a blessing and so here's wishing you God's abundant blessing in the years to come. Your birthday verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:24

My papa & brother rang me up to wish me happy birthday too! So thoughtful :) Thanks

And last but not least... a card from my faithful, loving, caring and ever romantic Hubby Eric. Thanks for all the wonderful gifts that you've showered me. I love you!

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Unknown said...

so sweet and have best birthday wishes for u..from all your near and dear.