Crocs Buddies!

"Teacher Jessy, you're wearing crocs!" cried Haziq. "I have one too. Dark blue colour. Afiq has a red one," he continued. Haziq also told me that his mum, dad, sister and aunt (Afiq's mum) have crocs too. Wow, I actually have buddies! That was so cool. I told him to wear it to school so I can snap it and post at our blog.

Last Friday, both Haziq and Afiq wore their crocs, happily running around and expecting me to wear mine but I forgotten all about it. Poor them! I apologized to them and told them to wear it again on Monday. Of course, physco them a little that crocs are comfy and does not need any tying or buckling. In a way, it is true ok? *winks* Anymore crocs buddy out there? Nicki? Mui Mui Lainey?

Present to you the crocs-community at Krista (BMC) Kindergarten...

Aren't we cute with those crocs? Snap!

L-R : Afiq, Me, Haziq

This is wear they keep their crocs in the
'pigeon-hole'. Adorable!

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