Cute Boys...

Today marked the first day of school final-term break and I'm looking forward for a good and relax 7 weeks break!

Just before all the kids took a break from school, we had birthday celebration for Razin & Amirul Hazim. Razin is my boss's son and Amirul Hazim is my year 5 student. They're such a cutie pie and they have juicy cheecks. You feel like pinching it whenever you get to see them! Sorry boys :D

Both their parents bought them cakes and it happened to be the same kind of cake from the Disney movie "Cars". It show how much these boys enjoy playing with cars.
I could see that everyone enjoyed themselves and that includes the teachers too :)

Right : That's my boss, Alia with Razin.
Left : Amirul Hazim with his parents.

Amirul Hazim brought party goodies to share
with his friends! So sweet ...

Tell you guys a secret. Amirul Hazim told me that
he really liked this girl, Aina Sabrina. He said she is so cute! LOL.

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