Fun Fabulous Friday

During the day...

It was creative time again! This time we did solar system chart. Not an impressive craft work but just a simple one. The purpose is to educate children that there are nine planets and a sun. I shall explain the process of making it with the pictures I took.

First, you'll need to mix the white paint and
water into this kind of spray bottle.

Get the child to stand and spray the paint out instead of sitting or squatting.
So that the paint will be spreaded equally.

This is how it will look. It is a background of the galaxy.

While waiting for the 'galaxy' to dry, get the child to stick
the planet with glittering papers, which I cut into tiny squares in advance.
I got them to color some planets too.

Tadaa! Beautiful solar system charts done by my K1 students!

By the way, Eizlan was my assistant of the day! Thanks boy!

During the night...

Who can resist food? Definitely not us Mr & Mrs Eric! We had a wonderful Smokey-BBQ nite with our friends. They're also my colleagues, who are teachers as well. Every teacher contributed food that nite. We had Pahang asam laksa, porridge, chicken, fish, sotong balls, jelly and grape cordial drink. It was so delicious especially the porridge. Kak Liza, you're such a great cook! She is a great assistant teacher to me too. You rock!

While I was enjoying bbq-ing the chicken and sotong balls, suddenly I saw Alia (my boss & best friend), Eric and the rest coming along with a cake and started singing, "Happy Birthday" song to me! I was really surprised cause the BBQ nite actually part of it was a farewell party for Teacher Bashirah. It was a great moment seeing everyone sang the birthday song including the husbands that were present! You guys really got me! Thanks alot for celebrating my birthday in advance. The blueberry cake was yummy. My birthday falls on the 27th of September.
So will be expecting gifts from you. Just kidding! :)

My sister joined us too. She has not been home for quite sometime due to her work at Starbucks, Times Square. She stays with my brother and sis-in-law in KL. That's why! Isn't her hair cool? The kids called her, " Hantu rambut banyak color." It was hilarious! Cause they were running around and laughing looking at her hair. They've never seen such "unique" looking hair. Oh yeah, she bought us moon cakes too. Green tea-chocolate and tiramisu flavor. Yummy! Thanks Joanne...

L-R : Alia, Bashirah, Kak Nor & daughters, Me & Kak Liza.

This is Teacher Bashirah. She is 4 months pregnant now.
We gonna miss you!

My hubby and the rest of the 'hubbies' at work.
Thanks guys for the yummy BBQ chicken!

Kak Liza and her 'supermodel' toilet-pose while washing the dishes.

The kids had their own fun-time too.
L-R : Ika, Man, Razin, Ira, Zairy & Daniel

Alia & Razin

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