Hyper Five

There are two sessions that the K1 (5 years-old) kids always look forward to - P.E (physical education) & Outdoor activity (water & sand play). At this very moment, I'm talking about P.E. The minute you tell them it's P.E time, they'll just rush out (like they never went out before), grab their shoes and start to run before you could say anything else!

We did some warm-ups such as stretching, going in and out of their friends like a snake and also we played "Traffic Light" because the kids learn about transportation this week. The game goes like this, there are 3 colored-cones. Red means stop, Yellow means slow and Green means go. Guess what, some kids said Yellow means ready to go! Oh mine! Just wondering where they learn that? Coming back to it, the rest have to be alert what they need to do when they see the colors of the cone. It was hilarious looking at the stop actions. Look at the pictures below.

After that, I got them to jump as high as they can. You can just see the excitement and joy in their faces. "Whee, I'm free." Conclusion is kids just love to be hyper all the time :)

More hyper & happy moments...

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