Movie Date

Don't get me wrong when you read the title... people! I wasn't dating other guys k? Hehe. Well I went movie date with my boss's boys, Zairy & Razin. Before the school holidays begin, I asked them whether they're interested to watch Flushed Away. Razin was very excited and couldn't wait to go for it. Before we set a date, he kept reminding his mum, Alia and I when is the actual movie date. A persistent boy he is, I could say.

A day before the movie, Razin asked me what to bring. He actually took a piece of paper to jot it down and asked me how to spell words. Isn't that cute? We watched Flushed Away at the Mines, a nearby shopping mall. Razin wore his glasses too just for the movie, afraid that he couldn't see well. He normally refused to wear it. Gosh, he is so cute especially with his cheeky smile. All I could say is three of us enjoyed ourselves very much and looking forward again for another movie date. Happy Feet boys?

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