Come Out & Play

It's Friday again! My students got to play with refreshing H20 this morning and as usual Husain just like to observe his friends in the pool. But he wasn't given a chance to sit still cause I just wanna snap him. It was so very sunny that I sweat so much while snapping all these 'playful' moments of them. Poor me! Haha. I'm an average teacher who just loves to snap, snap, snap & snap more pictures! Guess you must have figure it out by now :) Present to you, my Rainbow PH (Playhouse) Photogenic Models...

Alia's Portfolio
Adorable Sweetie

Abid's Portfolio
Mischievous Lad

Princess Dina's Portfolio
Cutie Pie

Husain's Portfolio
Cool Boy

Louise's Portfolio
Cheeky Girl

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