Food are Friends, Not Enemy!

Last Friday, 30th March 2007, Krista students had the privilege to visit Beryl's Chocolate factory & Mc'Donald's Restaurant. It was also our theme for the week : FOOD. Yummy! Few days before the trip, most of them were busy asking the teachers alot of details about the trip. The children were eagerly anticipating the break from the class routine. Trust me! Haha. We always invite parents to join our field trip too. So you'll be seeing pictures of mommies & daddies too. Enjoy looking at the pics :)

Alia & Princess 'D'

They were our former students.
L-R: Zairy, Yu Zhe & Razin

Princess D's sister, Mia

The 3 A's
L-R: Aisyah, Aina & Aniesha

Teacher Alia

Can you spot anxious parents? :)

Teacher Lega is guiding the kids
up the stairs.

Hannan's & Ammar's mummy


L-R: Harith, Daniel & Zulaikha

This is Amirul. He is so cute.
Just look at his cheeks!

Beryl's Chocolate Factory

Alia Hani's mummy is trying
out some yummy chocs!

Yes, Dina. You're caught eating
too much chocs! She looked so
surprised! :D

Yu Zhe was doing the right thing.
Drink lots of water after munching chocs.

A family picture of KRISTA BMC @ Beryl's.

Yup, Mc'D was our next destination!

Yup, you gotta line up before you enter...

... the HUGE freezer...

They got to tour the kitchen too.

The crews were demonstrating method
of preparing a cheeseburger sandwich.

Arif got his hand on the soft-drink dispenser.

Every child just enjoy their moments @ MC'D!

This definately show that they're full!
Goodbye Mc'D!

Some were tired on the way back...

...and some were still energetic!

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