Alia = Yoghurt Queen

It means we are learning about fruits this week. Again, the teachers brought varities of fruit to show the Krista kids. Children learns better by visual learning. We showed banana, apple, mango, fig & dragon fruit. The children got to taste dragon fruit & banana. Some, it was their first experience eating dragon fruit. Teacher Yvonne also brought strawberry yoghurt for the children to taste too. Alia was very interested with the yoghurt and she ate up almost everything. It was meant to be tasted by her classmates too. You'll feel like eating it when you see her eats! The cutest part was she managed to pose while I snapped her eating it. She was such a cutie pie... perhaps cutie yoghurt? Haha. Probably this is the correct way to enjoy yoghurt :P

First, you dig it
Take a BIG scoop & pop it in your mouth
Push it really in

Lastly, repeat it all over again...

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