Nobody can Party like us!

Well, if you don't agree with the title, all I can say is 'too bad'! Haha. It was a fuity-licious party! Every Krista kids enjoyed themselves very much last friday. They got to wear the fruity mask and ate yummy-licious snacks. Thanks to Teacher Liza for preparing them :) Before the party began, I got to snap the PH & K1 kids doing some interesting activity. Have a good look at all the pics. Oh yeah, thanks to all the parents who contributed fruits and yummy snacks for the party!

Teacher Alia bought this cool fruit puzzles for the PH students.
It was such a great puzzle to go with the theme!

Abid tried the mango puzzle.
He was paying alot of concentration!

Alia had the banana puzzle.
Look at those cheecks!

Alia & Princess D.
FYI : Louise was sick on that day! She had flu.

Husain & Abid.

Alia was showing off her stickers collection.
She told her classmates that mummy & daddy
rewarded her for being a good girl!

The K1's were doing 'watermelon' for their art & craft.
Safiyyah & Mahfudz doing their best!

Aleeya & Hannan sticked the crepe paper neatly. Way to go!

Daniel holding his 'watermelon'. Nice!

These are the cool fruity masks I've been telling you. Cool huh?

Princess Dina trying out the pineapple mask.
You must hear her sing Spongebob theme song. So cute!

Teacher Alia did not missed the fun part too!
She is so orangie. Agree?

Teacher Yvonne the 'Grape-Lady' :P

The K2's boys & girls really liked their masks!

The March & April birthday boys & girls blew candles.

Everyone enjoyed munching the yummy snacks & cake!

Teacher Liza was giving out the
watermelon for the children to taste.

Right after the party, all the children was
brought to their respective class.
The K2 got to make yummy orange juice!

R: Nurafiqah (K1) brought birthday goodies for her friends.

Afeeqah (K2) also gave out birthday goodies for her friends at school!

Before the kids went home, Teacher Alia handed
out gifts for the birthday kids!

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