Scrapbooking anyone?

We preserve our memories in many ways. It could be in many forms - photographing, journalling or blogging. I've a special way of keeping my memories. Not a norm thing in Malaysia yet. Wanna know what's the fuss?? I scrapbook my memories. It's really fun and it's a very creative way to display the pictures and also some journalling on it. Below are the pages I've made since end last year. Scrapbooking is a beginning stage to me so in total I've created 8 pages. More to come- definately I'll create one page with my PH students. The papers & embellishments that I used are acid-free papers, it'll not ruin or fade the pictures. We're talking about keeping our memories in decades. So, if you're interested and wanna know more, let me know :)


Anonymous said...

Cool, your scrapbook is really awesome!

Jessy Christopher said...

thanks for the compliment leona! *blush* :D