Blood Donation Updates!

Remember we had the blood donation last month? Well that's one of the reason why I'm blogging now :) Though we do not have 40 people turning up but it was a successful event. Everyone had fun and it was awesome looking at the kids getting face painting by me. Haha. Most of the kids got their hand on the sand art too. Teachers & parents did their part for the community and it's great to see, we as Malaysian care and love the country & the people. Thanks for supporting the Blood Donation Drive and we hope that this support will not fade!

Teacher Alia (Principal) proudly donated her precious blood.
Look at the smile! She's proud!

Ting Ting & I had our fun too. It was my 10th time contributing my blood.

Safiyyah's mum & sister were trying out the sand art.

They're daring enough to let me paint their faces. Haha.
It turned out not too bad huh?

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