Kingo in Krista BMC!

Today, Kingo the Kangaroo (Krista mascot) came to our centre to visit the children! The children were full of excitement & a couple of them actually afraid of the mascot. But before the fun begun, the children were asked to snap class pictures for Krista HQ & fill up their tummy first. The children ate squid & prawn balls and also prawn sausages. Yummy! After break, Kingo was ready to meet the children. Some shook & Hi-5 Kingo's hand. And a few of them hugged Kingo. Awww! They were very attentive and obedient. Kingo & Mr. Ken taught them 2 interesting songs. The children were singing along and laughing away because the actions of the song are so 'shaky'. Haha! Oh yeah, all the teachers were requested to give Kingo a kiss! But I only managed to snap Teacher Alia & Teacher Liza doing their 'thing'. Haha. Before Kingo & Mr.Ken bid farewell, the children were treated a stick of jelly. Thank you so much for coming, Kingo! We hope to see you again :)

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