So Fishy

This week's theme is so fishy. Haha. We gonna learn all about FISH! Let us talk about today's lesson. I introduced to PH students the anatomy of a fish. They learnt pretty fast and knew the functions of fin, gill, tail, etc. Good students! They got to touch 'ikan kembung'. The bravest was Louise. She took the fish, opened the mouth & gill. She even scared some of her peers with the fish. It was hilarious! K2 also had opportunity not only to touch the fish but to cut the fish. Only a handful of them who dare to remove the fish intestine. Some find it very gross.

Today PH children also got to do practical life. They cleaned the playhouse & slide. It was exciting to them because those little hands seldom help & some in fact never experience squeezing excess water from the rag. They definately did a great job ensuring that every corners are being wiped. A very pratical experience I must say! So parents do allow your child to help you. At times it might be messy but this will help them in their hand-eye coordination. It also gives them a sense of responsibility. Think about it & trust me it'll definately benefit your child's learning!

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