Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo

On the 12th August, Krista children visited the Sunway Interactive Zoo. We rode on a nice air-con bus. Some children was excited and kept asking the teachers 'Are we there yet?'. It took about an hour to reach the big gates of Sunway Zoo. We started our day at the zoo by attending an Animal Talent Show. The 3 Macaws were great performer. Besides the birds, there were snake, racoon & hornbill performing their skills. Hannan & Safiyyah were great helper with the snake & bird. I was quite disappointed cause there were no orang utans at the show. After the show, the kids started their journey to the zoo. They saw many kinds of reptiles, animals & birds. The children got an opportunity to pet the domestic animals ie. rabbits, hamsters, tortoise, horse and also got their try catching the fishes. The fishes was swimming really fast. It was not an easy task but a couple of them caught the fish. The children were in awe just by observing the animals and of course they were curious too. It was a great experience & exposure for the children as well as for parents and teachers too. The wild life ranger was very resourceful and he explained it well.

It was an exhausting day at the zoo, especially for the teachers & parents. Fuh! You know kids will never get exhausted, don't you? Haha. We got up to the bus and headed for A&W for lunch. We were given a piece of fried chicken, coney dog (of course without the onions) & root beer. Surprisingly, some of the kids did not enjoy drinking root beer especially those sitting with me. I was very fortunate if you know what I mean. Haha. Azreen's parents treated us vanilla ice cream. A&W has one of the best ice-cream. Yummy! Teacher Alia decided to celebrate birthday for the month of July too. This month it was Arif's & Amirah's birthday. She bought a delicious chocolate cake. Can you imagine the sugar level in every kid by now? Trust me, they're full of energy and ran wildly at the activity floor! But it was all for fun. After all that, we decided to leave at 3pm and kids were sleeping on the way back. Some were still energetic to chat with their friends of the wonderful experience that Krista BMC had offered!

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Oh, just spotted the date shud be 12 July, not Aug