Yummy Fishy

"Children, this is tuna. Tuna is a type of fish. Do you want to try?" I said. Immediately Dina said a BIG no no because she is not a big fan of fish. She only ate the biscuits. Wherelse Alia, Louise & Husain were very curious. I started to spread the tuna on the Ritz biscuit and gave it to them. They liked it so much. I allowed them to spread it for themselves. Alia & Husain enjoyed the most and kept coming back to me for more. I even caught Alia putting the tuna straight into her mouth instead of spreading it on the biscuit. Haha! They wanted to finish up the tuna but I told them that we have to share the tuna with the K1 & K2 students too. They relunctantly handed it back to me but I promised them that I'll buy a can of tuna and will treat them tomorrow. In fact, after school I went to the sundry shop to get them a can of yummylicious- tuna spread!

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