Miss 'U'

I trully missed all my students during the school holidays! I snapped some pictures when I first saw them in the morning. I asked them if they miss me. They said 'YES'! Aww... so sweet :) Dina & Fifi was so sleepy today. Dina kept rubbing her eyes and Fifi asked 'Are we going home already?'. That's the effect of school break. Haha. We did our usual thing. We sang, played, read together & just enjoy each other's company while learning. We always do!

I know you all missed me so much that you all were so excited to see me right? Haha

Alia was re-telling her friends some good manners.
She did it right after I read to them the 'Book of Manners'.
She was trying to immitate me. It was so funny!



My cutie pies!



I love the 'bling' clip Dina wore to school today!

I managed to capture this sleepy moment of Dina! :)

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