Occupation Week

Last week, PH students were learning about occupation. I asked Alia, Husain, Dina & Louise what would they want to become when they grow up. Alia wanted to be a chef, Husain an engineer, Dina a dancer & Louise a painter. So during the role play session, they 'acted' out their ambition. They had fun beoming what they like and some even took turned to become their friends' ambition. On last Thursday, they did a doctor/nurse sling bag with a head gear. It was a totally cool art. In the sling bag I gave them a plaster, cotton ball, a cotton bud & gauze. By the way, they string the cotton twine in and out. Yup! They did a great job making themselves a sling bag! They' were also pretending treating a 'patient' and that was Dina. Haha. It was hilarious seeing them being someone. The girls were nurses & Husain was the doctor. He was fortunate to have pretty and cute nurses around him. Haha!

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