Uncle Fireman

Today, a fireman came to school to give a talk. The reason why he came to school because this week is about transportation. He was supposed to come with the fire engine but firemen were busy putting out fire at Semenyih early this morning (12 - 6 am) so they were exhausted. We salute your sacrifices! Firstly, he showed few clips concerning fire. Believe it or not, we will not able to stand in a burning room for more than 3 minutes because the heat can rise up to 400 degree celcius. That is extremely HOT! He also explained the safety rules and ways of coming out from the building if fire occurs. Children were also taught 'Stop, Drop & Roll'. This practice is useful if they caught fire on their clothes. It was a fun seeing them rolling! The fireman also explained to the children what they should do if they smell smoke in the house. Firstly, they should alert their parents or anyone at home. Secondly, call 994 for help and lastly run out from the house for safety. Something I learnt today was if they're any fire in the kitchen, which is the most potential place to catch fire, we should use a damp cloth or blanket to stop it. Never ever use water to clear it because it will cause the fire to spread even faster. Bottom line, it was a useful session because Teacher Jessy gained knowledge on FIRE!

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