Busy Week

From end of last week till the end of last week, I was really busy and hence my blog is not updated. SORRY! Today I'll just update everything one shot! I have another new boy in my class. His name is Danish Luqman (lil' bro to Aina & Hafizi). Luqman is so CUTE! He still speaks with his baby language and that makes him even cuter. Haha. Last week the PH students learnt about 'People & Clothing'. We discussed clothes that different races wear. For art & craft session, they did tracing on buttons and zip. They also made 'party hats' for themselves. It was a simple craft work but they enjoyed it. Right after the hats were done, they started to 'Happy Birthday' song. I joined them along too. Haha. Today everyone in the school came with their traditional costumes. It was really fun to see all of them dressed-up especially my students. Don't they look cute?

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