Alia's Birthday

I was supposed to post this last week but I had problem with my blog. Anyway, it's already back to normal and I'm glad about it.

Last Thursday, Alia brought a cake to school with the intention to celebrate her b'day with all her friends. It was a "Strawberry Shortcake" cake. The children was so excited singing birthday song for Alia. Teacher Alia also decided to give 'duit raya' to all the children & also the teachers too. I could see that everyone had fun. Well... just look at the pics :)

Alia was so excited bout celebrating her b'day at school.

Alia & Teacher Alia

The PH students

Luqman really knows how to enjoy the cake. LOL!

Teacher Alia was giving out 'duit raya'.

My wishes to Alia is to be true to herself as she grows up!


Wati Basri said...

loving yr DG creations :)

Chowchow said...

Alia and her big big eyes. She is gonna break some hearts when she grows up next time.