Krista BMC Concert & Graduation 2007

It was a joyous occassion for the children, parents and teachers on the 11th November 2007. It was our school's annual concert & graduation. It was held at the Sungai Long Golf Club. We had 4 performances which consists of Baker's Song, Train & Aeroplane (chinese songs), Rangoli (Bollywood dance) and Ulek Mayang (malay traditional dance). We had close friends & ex-teacher to help us too. Some parents volunteered to help and change their children at the backstage. It was everyone's effort to make this concert & graduation a successful one. Thank you for your support! I also wanna take this opportunity to thank my husband, Eric for making himself available to capture the memories of this wonderful day!

From L-R: Outstanding Award (PH1) - Louise Lee
Outstanding Award (PH2) - Alia Liyana

From L-R: Outstanding Award (K1) - Safiyyah
Outstanding Award (K2) - Tan Yu Zhi

From L-R: Outstanding Eng Reading Award - Joanne & Aniesha
Outstanding BM Reading Award - Adlene

Our faithful MC - Mr.Nazir

The beautiful teachers (L-R) Me, Alia, Liza, Lega & Mini.
At the front: Joanne & Ting Ting. They were such great helpers!

Teacher Alia & family


Wati Basri said...

hi JC...dropg by at yr blog! love the pics of the lil kids...

Chowchow said...

I see that Eric is as good as you in the photography section. I amk envious. My DH is capable of pictures that are either crooked or half my head chopped off. Sigh....