Mission Trip to Cambodia - Day 3 & 4

Jimritsu is a Cambodian greeting. Just like our hello's.

On the 3rd day we were brought to an orphanage home called Sunshine Home. The children there were polite and greeted us warmly. We did many activities with them ie. craft work, played games and prayed for them. In return, the children at the home entertained us with their performances, dancing & singing. We enjoyed our visit there. In the evening, we went back to the church to conduct English & Music classes.

Telematch for the youth was being held on the 4th day. The Cambodian youths were so energetic and enthusiastic. They gave their best in everything they played!

Water is extremely precious in Cambodia as it is very expensive.
To save water, they collect rain water to wash clothes, mop the floor, and clean the house.

These are the beds where children at the Sunshine Home laid their heads to rest.
They have no mattresses but only mats. Children in Malaysia are just so fortunate!

Mony is so creative that he glued the cotton to his face.

Cambodian girls are so pretty. Agree?

This darling is Dina. She is so adorable. Love the green wig :)

Goodie packs time!

English classes conducted by Teacher Jessy :P
The kids had fun just learning bout colours and singing songs.

The song that I composed called 'Spirit & Truth'
was used to teach the Cambodian musicians.

Eric was teaching Curly some techniques on the guitar.
Curly is also our translator. He speaks good English.
We are just blessed to have him around :)

Chee Onn was explaining the chords to Chanty.

Ken Wai was teaching the right strokes on the drums.

Joel was showing the proper ways to play the bass.

Curly was explaining some rules & regulations of the games.

We taught the Cambodians to play 'Captain Ball'. They had a blast time!
The girls were extremely aggressive. LOL!

After the telematch, we just sat and sang songs.
Enjoying each other's company. It was awesome!

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