Mission Trip to Cambodia (Nov 21-30, 2007)

Day 1 & 2

Cambodia is a land full of beautiful people & culture. The food was extremely yummy. Our mission there was to bless the community in Kampung Speu, mainly children & youth.

On the 1st day, we arrived Cambodia around 8.30pm. We stayed in one of the missionary's house which belongs to Pastor Kala. She is our home-church missionary to Cambodia. Our first night wasn't pleasing as there were loads of insects flying around in the house. On the 2nd day, we begun our day by conducting a preschool activity at the church. We taught them about Christmas and also did christmas tree artwork with them. After that, we were brought to visit a village and had a children ministry there. The village was in a sad situation where children ran around without shoes and wore dirty & torn clothes. Some houses don't have power & water supply. It was heart-breaking to see such condition. They were all so excited when they got goodie packs that consist of candies, chocolates & bubble-blowing. It was an awesome sight to see the joy in the children faces. Later in the evening we went back to the church which is just opposite Pas Kala's house to conduct english and music classes. The students were so eager to learn and paid alot of attention in the class. They were fast-leaner too. Most of our activities end at 8.30pm as Cambodians sleep early and get up around 5am. We managed to cope with their lifestyle after day 2. For your information, I'll update the pictures day by day since there are around 200+ pictures to share with you all. Stay tune for tomorrow's post :)

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