Official Photo Shoot #3 - Samantha & Family

Samantha booked us on the December 29th, 2007 for a family photo shoot. Another great bunch of people to work with. They were easy going despite some of them were camera shy except for Sam's dad. He loves to be photographed & on top of that he's a yoga instructor. He's 70-year-old energetic man I should say! Plus he has a beautiful wife. Don't you think so? They are definitely one BIG happy family! We loved hanging out with them. Oh yeah, they were so kind that they bought us dinner yesterday! We're just so fortunate to have great clients like them!

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Chowchow said...

Great family photos. Imagine that uncle can do that one hand stand at his age!!! Woohooo!!! You did it again Jess. Sorry to hear about your car though.