Orientation Week

I got to teach the K1 students this year, 16 of them in my class. Teacher Liza is my assistant for this year. I love working with her! She rocks! It was great to see Alia, Dina, Dani & Louise again. I taught them last year at the PH class. They grew so fast! This year the students in my class were ok. Of course there were a couple of them who cried on their first day to school but they adapted fast. Most of them already started to make friends and getting to know the teachers too. During the orientation week, the children had simple lessons such as knowing colors, numbers, nursery rhymes, story telling, PE & Art. They did coloring and writing too. I could see that all of them had fun. As a teacher, it is always fulfilling to see that your students enjoy your lessons. Below are some pictures I've taken during the week. Sorry for the bad lighting though :) My speedlite was out of battery. My fault :( Anyways, enjoy...

Jun Shen
Nafiz, Alif & Emir
Louise & Dina
Kimber, Louise, Tishya & Dina
Zahidah, Kimber, Khaliesa & Sabrina

Alia & Kimber
Jun Shen & Alia. Look at Jun Shen's smile. So cute!

I know that it's yummy, Dina! Haha.




Chowchow said...

They are so cute! I love them all. Poor Jun Shen - crying... Hope he will adjust well soon. Love Dina with the pizza - complete with the licking her lips... Too cute!!!

Shaz said...

lucky kids to have such a talented photographer teacher.. wish i had one!

Wati Basri said...

the kids are all so cute!!

Jessy Christopher said...

Thanks ladies for all your comments! I wish I had a teacher who takes photographs too :(