CNY Party

Last Thursday, all the students literally 'painted' the school with their striking red attires. Some came with pink. Everyone looked so good! I really love seeing the cute girls in my class wearing cheong sam. All of them look so cute! Just right before the party, we sang some songs and I managed to capture some shots of them singing 'London Bridge is Falling Down' along with the actions. Too cute! Have fun viewing it. The shots below are not edited (too lazy... LOL!) I particular love the shot of Louise playing with the make-up set. She was holidng the lipstick and that's her reflection on the mirror. That picture turned out to have a little gaussian blur on it :)


Chowchow said...

I really dont know what to say Jessy - the kiddoes all look amazing!!! Great job... The pic with Louise is like a vintage pic... Very precious!!!

Jessy Christopher said...

Thanks Chowchow!