Teacher's Day

Last Thursday, the K1 class did 3 different card designs for the teachers in KRISTA. I have very talented little artists that drew and also did some pasting for me. I really like what they came out with, of course with my guidance along :) The flowers that they pasted were recycle item that I found in Teacher Alia's office. Nice huh?

On Friday, we celebrated Teacher's Day & also the birthday of the June babies. The amount of food & gifts poured in to the school was so overwhelmed!!! Parents and students really made our day. We truly appreciate all yummy cakes & gifts we got. Even the students went back home with 3 different goodie bags home with lots of candies & snacks. It was like everyone's birthday on that day! Haha! I would love to thank all my students and teachers for remembering me on Teacher's Day. Thank you so much for all the pressies!!! I love them all!!!

I got this beautiful bag from Louise.

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alia said...

Yeap! The Teachers & students certainly gained a few pounds that day. There were 7 cakes, not counting the cupcakes & other delicious stuff! Thanks for the presents & especially to Adnin, Alif, Dania, Najmie, Natasya, Ziyad, Zulaikha & Zahidah, Syafi, Safiyyah and Nurafiqah's parents for taking care of the food, drinks & goodie bags.