Last Friday, the whole school was coloring the Malaysian flags. For my class, I was generous enough to allow them to color one more for their siblings. Well it is a joyous celebration, why not? Here are some shots of them coloring and posing with their proud flags! The funny thing I discovered was most of the kids said 'Merdeka' as 'Mendeka' and some said it as 'MENTEGA'.. LOL!! Well ... kids!! 

What I love about Malaysia is because Malaysia is a fantastic place to live in and the cultures & diversities are amazing!! We have so many varieties especially when it comes to food. Read my lips... I LOVE FOOD! Bottom line... I AM PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN!

Last but not least, we at Krista BMC would like to wish all the Malaysians a very 'Happy Merdeka Day!'

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Mynrose said...

Oooh, I remember doing that in standard 3. Hehe. And I got some certificate for colouring the nicest flag. Merdeka!