Singapore Venture

A month ago, my good friend, Wati told me about the charity that she had adopted. It was the Frame Drive Charity where it is given to the kids who are suffering from a range of chronic and life-threatening illnesses. They will have to decorate a frame as a gift of appreciation to their caregivers. I was really interested in it and hence Wati asked me if I wanna be there to help. I was so excited bout it because it is school hols over here. I spoke to Eric and he said why not?? Oh mine!! I booked my tickets and waited anxiously for the day to arrive. Finally on the August 16th, I boarded the plane by myself (mine you, it was my first solo trip). It was not too bad afterall, in fact I enjoyed my traveling- alone- moments... LOL!

I stayed with Wati and her family rocks!! Her husband, Chris is such a total joker! He made us laugh whenever he comes back from work. Adam, their only prince is such a heart-breaker. He's way too cute! They are a very warm family, they always make sure that I'm comfy with everything! Such kind souls :)

Well,when you are in the vacation mood, it is always the food and shopping! We shopped, ate, shopped and ate some more!! I was actually having a gala time. We ate alot of salmon and I'm not sure why? It was as if I was at Japan then. LOL!! Oh yeah on the 1st day, Wati brought me to a lunch buffet called 'Carousel' at RPH. Royal Plaza Hotel has a formula car that was made out of chocolates. Can you believe it? The amount of time to make it and to maintain it. Crazy but it was magnificent!! BTW, can you imagine eating the chocolate all by yourself? I know Teacher Alia can... LOL. She is such a chocolate lover!

Here's me eating the salmon. 
Thanks Sal for the jappy buffet lunch! 
It was authentic-ly YUMMY!!

I managed to meet my other scrapper buddies during the charity event and we had such fun time just decorating the frames with the children. No pics for that just simply we are not allowed to post the pics without consent from the parents. The event was held at this beautiful yacht club. The yachts and boats were awesome!! Below are some pics of the semi-decorated frames and also us posing by the bay, drooling and dreaming to own one of the yacht...

Me & Deedah

Wati, Deedah, Liza & I

Oh yeah during my stay, I bought a pair of cool orange crocs!! I always love crocs! Deedah has the cutest crocs, look at the red with blue bow!! She calls that her minnie mouse crocs! Wati also got one for herself, a very nice striking pink crocs! I likey it :)

Well on the last day, while waiting to fly back to Malaysia, I managed to capture Wati, Chris & Adam looking at the pics she captured. It was precious moments at the airport. Precious moments can be everywhere ok?

Almost forgot my last speech. During my stay, I was blessed with so many things - RAK's from Wati & Chris (too many to mention or snap). A beautiful altered cheese board by Deedah, lunch treat by Sal & beautiful friendships I have made in Singapore!! I treasure them dearly. Thanks pals! Once again, thanks Eric for sponsoring my trip! Love you heaps!


Wati Basri said...

babe...nice pics and it was really nice to have you over at our place...thanks for being YOU...and grt tat we could just CLICK really really well!!! We miss you and can't wait for your Dec trip!!! And yesss....Adam misses his Auntie :)

Jessy Christopher said...

Yeah I was so happy that we could click so well!! Well prob we belong to the crazy bunch too! LOL. I am so dead serious that I have already missed you guys so much. Can't wait to see you all again. Aww... Adam boy... Auntie Jessy misses u too!!

alia said...

Happy Merdeka Day 2U2!! Hey, why didn't u snip off a chunk of that choc Ferrari car for me?? Teacher Alia needs choc theraphy la. Only way to lower down my BP. Ha! Ha! 1st time in my life I've high BP..:(