SNC Contest - I QUIT!!

Wow, I didn't know that quite number of you actually monitoring my progress in SNC contest! Well, I had quit from the contest due to health & personal reasons. I just need more rest. It was hard to make the call but I had to! 

Coming from a Digital Scrapbooking background, this is one of my biggest achievements & it definitely brought to another level of paper scrapbooking. Never thought that I'd be in the final 5. I'm proud of myself :) Thanks alot for all of your support and encouragements (you know who you are)! Don't worry, I'll always scrap because it is what I enjoyed most. Toodles!



Unknown said...

Hugs Jessy and hope your feeling lots better soon, love your work :)

Jessy Christopher said...

Thanks Sharmaine for dropping by! I appreciate it. Hugs!