Artistic Drawings!

Sorry if the following photos are not so sharp because I snapped them using an iPhone :)

Just right before the school hols, we taught the children about Stranger Awareness. We used the 'Little Red Riding Hood' book as part of our teaching materials. I got my students to draw and this was what they drew. Beautiful huh?




Last week, the kids were learning about occupation. I got them to draw too what they would like to be when they grow up. Children has beautiful imaginations, don't they?

Louise wants to be a pretty ballerina.

Alia aspires to be a nurse so she can help sick people.

Ziyad inspires to be a fire fighter.

Oh yeah, the K2 students had role play and they got to wear different attires to represent a certain occupation. They all looked so cute!


Creative B Bee said...

Wow! I love love love so much of those kids Art Work.

hazel said...

oh my, the children is soooo cute!!