We Got Visitor!!!

Last Friday, we had a special visitor. Guess who? It was ...

June was one of the DL's staff.

They started the prize giving ceremony for the coloring contest
 right after June explained about DL formula. 
Winners from PH were Syafi (3rd), Razin (2nd) & Luqman (1st). 

The winners from K1 class. Kimber (3rd) , Jun Shen (2nd) & Nana (1st).

The winners from the K2 were Saffiyah (3rd) , Daniel (2nd) & Diana (1st). 

The children were taught to dance the Dutch Lady's theme song.

Look at their concentration in learning the steps!!

These students were handpicked by the teachers to perform the dance. 
They have to dance their best. And we chose ...

Alias as the winner!!
Look at her... she was overwhelmed!! :D

All the dancers with DL's staffs.

The children were so excited just right before 
they were served with Dutch Lady milk.

Samples of what the children have coloured 
according to age : 4, 5 & 6.
 Pretty good huh??


Chowchow said...

The kids looked as if they had fun. Cool..

Wati Basri said...

the kids are sooo cute!