Moi's Birthday!!

It was my birthday last September 27. Age is catching up!! I had two separate birthday parties this year. One with family and the other one with my church friends. They came to our love nest to celebrate this very special day. I am so blessed that there are alot of friends who gave wishes thru SMS, phone calls and also at scrapbook forums too. Thanks again for all the wishes and gifts peeps!! It is always nice to know that someone remembers your birthday. Ok let me walk you thru with all the pics we have snapped :)

This bouquet of roses was sent to school on Friday
 along with Kinokuniya cash voucher. 
Eric had been faithfully delivering roses to my work place 
for the past 4 years :) He also got me Canon Photo Printer. 
How can I forget this... I got iPhone too. Woo hoo!!!
He definetely know that his wife needs them for scrapbooking. 
Good choice!! Thanks baby & love ya heaps!

Ken Yoong & Joel wished me on my birthdate. 
They were here for some other reasons
 but manage to stay till midnite to wish me. Thanks boys! 
We went mamak after that. Coolio!!
Oh yeah, thanks guys for telling the whole world my age!

On Sept 28, my in-laws and dad came to celebrate with me & we had steamboat. 
Wonder why Charlene is in this pic? Ask her for explanation. LOL!!

All these yummy food was for last Saturday's party. Yummo!

Don't ask me why Joel posed that way. Wannabe Oliver Twist??

Shaun definitely ate lots of satay that nite :)

Pretty & hungry girls in a row :)

Guess the food must be real yummy!! Eating with full of emotions. 

Caught you in action,Papa! Thanks for cooking too. Love you!!

I was seriously attacked by the mini boppers Eric got!! 
Saw my BIG b'day pizza?
I love it to bits!! Something special huh?
But it was crazy fun, really!

Gosh, look at this dad!! Guess he must be real hungry.

Strike-a-pose time!!

Pizza time!!

Don't ask me what Mr.Cheerful is doing.


Wendy Smith said...

Looks like you had a ball, and such Yummy looking food...happy birthday

Jessy Christopher said...

Oh Hi Wendy!! Nice to see you here. Thanks for dropping by :)

Wati Basri said...

woohooo babe...u dftly deserve all that celebration!! too bad i'm not there to celebrate it with u :(

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Jessy.....

Naddy said...

wooowwww coolnya dapat iphone & printer!! ;)

Cookie Aguilar said...

wow happy birthday!!! those are fun pics!!!!

Jessy Christopher said...

Aww... thanks for the wishes ladies!!