Love of Our Lives!!

I always wanted to upload our furkids pictures but I am always busy with so many things!! Since it is school holidays now, I thought I would better start updating the cats pictures. Tuffie & Tobes are 9 months old now and they are extremely 'manja' with us. They are so pampered by us. Both of them were born in our house on 16 March 2008 and they know every corner of the house. You know what... they truly brought us so much joy and we're so pleased to be their 'furless-mummy & daddy' :) LOL!!

FYI: Tuffie & Tobes are brothers.

Gray in color
Extremely friendly
Loves to be cuddled all the time
Yellow eye
Attention seeker

White in color.
Extremely shy
Loves to play fetch & catch
Orange eye


Wati Basri said...

love all the pics babe..but u know me kan..scared of cats :(

Anonymous said...

Did Tuffie change eye colour from blue to orange when grown up?

Jessy Christopher said...

Yeah Leona!! Their eyes colored change, normally kittens are born with blue eyes :)