In a week...

Ok here's what I had been doing for the past one week, starting from Valentine's Day.

*Pls bear in mind a couple of pics are snapped using iPhone, so it is a little blurry.

A day before V-day, Eric surprised me with a bouquet of yellow roses. He sent it to school. How sweet! On V-day, Eric brought me to Victoria Station for dinner and we enjoyed our meal. Followed by watching 'New In Town' movie at KLCC. It was so hilarious and scrapbook was part of the movie! Good choice. He also paid for craft magazines that I will be subscribing for a year. He is an angel for sure!

Every Tuesday I volunteered doing community work for my church by going in to the Orang Asli (aboriginals) kampung to teach the children. This week I had a craft session with them and they enjoyed making the flowers. I had fun teaching them for sure!

This week the children learnt about "Growth" and we did an experiement by planting seeds. The kids were very eager to see what will happen next and they have been observing everyday when they attend school. Will update more...

During the practical life session, the children got to practice on buttoning skills. I was impressed that most of them can do the buttoning independently!

On Thursday, we had water and sand play. Here's some shots of how happy they were. It was such a sunny day, trust me!

Every Friday, it is art & craft session and they did finger painting this time and they all did a great job. Loved the texture on the tree.

I had some balance left from the kit given by Papier Love and I made this card. Hope you like it! Have a great weekend :)

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Wati Basri said...

lovely flowers are definately blessed!!