Papier's Crop Party

Ok I know I have been lazy and also been sick. Having this cough for the longest time and still not fully recovered. I wonder why... sigh!! Alrite here I am back again with loads of photos.

Ok here are the photos from the Crop Party I hosted at Papier Love last Sunday. Ok I know I was late with the photos. Sorry :( Well you won't get to see me in the photos cause I was busy hosting & snapping all these pics. LOL!

We started our Crop Party at 11am.
First challenge was Tag Challenge.
Scrapbookers have to create a tag for their assigned partner.

These are a bunch of creative ladies and look at their tags.
Pretty huh?

We had break and paper sales!!

Next was sketch challenge. Look at how stressed they were. LOL!!

Papier's friendly staffs - Yatie, Amie & Zai

During break we were served with handmade cuppies
by May (Macy's sister) and also fresh curry puffs from Ikea.

Oh yeah, we had orange juice too. Yummo!!

Our final challenge was to do a Number Challenge!
This time round, everyone was a little more relaxed. Hehe.

Beautiful layouts from our creative scrapbookers.

Mazlina was the Tag Challenge Winner.
She created a pretty tag for Kim.

Novita won the Sketch Challenge.

Agnes was the Number Challenge winner.

The proud scrapbookers with their beautiful layouts. Bravo ladies!

I didn't expected this RAK but thanks Macy.
I love it so much cause I love green. Good choice!

I have to add this... Michelle babe, thanks for dropping
by Papier to support me. Your presence meant alot to me.


Chowchow said...

Looks like you had fun J! Great job...

Mazlina said...

yey!! the pics are up.. starting to wonder if you forgot about them. :) Thanks JC, I had lots of fun. May want to join more crop parties!!

Wati Basri said...

oh wow babe...look like a lot of FUN!! wish i could be there :) and great job babe...hugs