Vitagen Trip

It was a fun trip to Vitagen. The fun part was we got to see how Vitagen was made and also tasting all the different beverages of Vitagen, Marigold & also Peel Fresh. Yum-yum!

Thanks to Sabrina's mummy, Yuzi for taking this photo of all the teachers :)

I guess Harreesh was anxious! Hehe.

No idea what those symbols are? I'm figuring hard here. LOL!

Well the kids sure know how to have fun on the bus. 
They were singing and chit-chatting all the way. 
For some, it was their first trip on the bus. 

Queueing up to enter Vitagen plant.

Aunty Dina was explaining how Vitagen is made. 
She let us watched a video of how it was process
 and the children was listening tentatively. 
At the end of the video, she quizzed them.

Before we enter the Vitagen factory, we were asked to 
wear the head cap.The kids looked so cute with it. 
As if they were going for a BIG shower. LOL!

After the visitation to the factory, we were brought 
to the "yummy room" a.k.a refreshment hall. Hehe!
Yummy & colourful Vitagen. Slurp!

Look at their faces, they looked all prepared to "attack"
the yummy-licious food & beverages on the table.

Nafiz definitely looked pretty satisfied :)

Prizes for the quiz.

They had mini sing-a-long session with Aunty Dina. 
They also sang the Krista song. 
I think Aunty Dina liked it because she 
asked them to sing again. Bravo kids!

At the end of the trip, every child was given 
a pack of Vitagen goodies. 
The kids were so happy!! 
Even the teachers too, we got one too!! 

Thank you Vitagen for a fun day!! Woo hoo!!


Wati Basri said...

WOW WOW WOW...the kids look like they had sooo much fun!! and they dftly do look cute with those 'shower caps' hehehehe....great pics too babe :)

dalla said...

nice kids will visit choc week .looking for some reference what to at least got some idea ..tq jess