Mother's Day Flowers

Today it was a fun day at school!! Everyone was making beautiful flowers for their beloved mums. I had my own version wherelse K2 & PH students did roses out of crepe papers. Mine was influenced by the scrapbooking embellishments I have, mine was more to daisy-looking. LOL!! I really enjoyed looking at their expressions and how excited they were making the flowers.

Waiting for the next instructions. Hehe!

So proud of my students that 
they made these flowers by themselves!!
Hope all the mummies love it :)

This section below are the crepe-paper roses 
done by the K2 Students.

Doesn't Alia look like Minnie Mouse? LOL.


Chowchow said...

The flowers were so beautiful... Love them so much...

Mazlina said...

wow.. very nice art works! I wish that Zareef has a teacher as creative as you! He did his share today.. did a nice card and colored a flower for me, but not as nice as your flowers.. hehe..