I am FINALLY back!!

After all the trips going North & South of the Peninsular, finally I am back home! I really missed our two fur-babies, Tuffie & Tobes! They were boarded to the Pet shop for 6 days! Tuffie lost 0.7kg and Tobes gained a little weight... hmmm.... weird! LOL. The other time it was vice versa. Well they were boarded for 6 days. That's why :)

First off we went to Malacca on the 3rd June for a day trip, Eric had to train the sales agent of a new product launch. The very next day, we headed straight to Mersing. It was a very long journey. Going in and out of kampungs and estates. When we reached, we were excited to see Wati, Chris & Adam again. We went straight to the Rawa office and waited for our speed boat there. It was a safe place to park our car there too.

Well, Eric & Adam managed to play together.  

Eric enjoying the view at the front of the speed boat!

A couple of shots in the speed boat.

Well, here are the shots that we took in Rawa Island. It was such a beautiful beach with clear water! Eric & I never love beach all along but Rawa Island definitely changed my mindset. 
If you want a beach vacation, pls consider Rawa Island. Trust me, you'll have tons of fun. 
Oh yeah the food was so awesome! I loved every meal!

We were greeted by this breath-taking scenery of Rawa.

Our Chalet, beach front.

Me being silly at our chalet.

Eric was so anxious to get into the clear water. LOL!!

Adam & I. Love these photo of us!

Yup, there was a peacock on the island! 

Group photo!

The slide was awesome too!

Pretty babes with pretty dresses! 
When I saw these dresses 
I knew I have to get one for Wati too.

Love this shot of us! Reflection on the mirror.

We looked so funny! LOL!

Eric & his toy gun!

The newly crowned- beach bummers!

It was a fun 3 days 2 nights vacation with our dearest friends.
Alrighty, for more photos of our beach vacation, 
pls visit my Facebook photo album HERE


Mazlina said...

hi jessy.. glad to have you back! looks like you had a lovely vacation!!!
and nice uplift of your blog!!

Naddy said...

nice photos jessy... i must tell my bro and my hubby... they love the beach... i wonder if they have scuba diving there? those two "boys" itching to go for a dive again ehehe

Carla said...

This looks like an absolute blast! I am VERY jealous!!

Chowchow said...

Looks like one awesome vacation.

Wati Basri said...

ohhh babe....im so missin Rawa now...and we are sooo glad to turn you and eric to beach bummers!! JOIN THE CLUB...hugs :)

teacher jessy said...

Nad, with such clear water... Definetely has snorkeling & scuba diving!! Well at times when u r swimming, u can see the fishes too. How cool!

jazsutra said...

wooo...love your photos,your photography skills and the FAB people in them ;) it must have been a great getaway!!!! my turn soon,goin up PD,genting and PJ ;) teehee. see u here when im back ;)-jaz

Quirky said...

Nice!! :)

Thanks for the recommendation :) I'll definitely consider going there for a holiday!

Btw, your pictures are AWESOME! If you don't mind, can I ask if you use normal digital or DSLR?

teacher jessy said...

Thanks ladies for all the awesome comments!!

Quirky - I used a DSLR to snap my pics.

Agnes Sim said...

nice pic u have here. ;-)

alia said...

Chewah!! Macam beeeessssst je! Must go nie. My 3 'boys' can frolic all they want on the beach, mummy will find a tree to sit under and read. LOL!