Wati babe was in KL!!

Wati came to visit me last weekend and we had a blast!! We had so much fun that we forgot to snap pics of ourselves. I managed to snap a few pics with my beloved iPhone of Eric & Adam. They had all those cute and unique looking monsters/alien everywhere. I can't resist them. Oh yeah, we (Wati, Eric, Agnes, Adam, Ni Ni & I) were at Mid Valley buying yummy food for our BBQ nite. Gosh we miss Wati, Chris & Adam now... sob sob!!

Adam & Eric - Take 1

Adam & Eric - Take 2 (They both looked so cheeky!!)

Adam & Ni Ni in the trolley!! As usual Ni Ni is camera shy :)


Chowchow said...

Great photos - glad they enjoyed their time here...

Wati Basri said...

babe...i'm missing you now too...sob sob!! and those pics of Adam & Eric are just toooo cute...will have to steal it and put it at my blog :)
no worry babe will see you REAL soon...*wink wink*

Unknown said...

really its great picture!


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