Sea Creatures

Last week, we learnt about sea creatures and here are some photos I managed to capture. We can't bring the kids to the deep blue sea but our kind and thoughful principal, Teacher Alia brought 'sea creatures' to school. She purposely went to the beach with her family to collect the creatures. We had baby crabs, hermit crabs and shells. A couple of the students were very brave to touch the sea creatures and as usual they were curious to see the hermit crab coming out from the shell. It was a fun learning experience :)

One of the K2 student was jotting
down spelling to learn at home.

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alia said...

Yes, it was worth going all the way to Bagan Lalang just so I can tell the kids learn that these are crabs, NOT SPIDERS which they keep screaming when they first saw these little creatures. All mummies & daddies reading this "I think a trip to the beach is long due". LOL!