I know I am spoilt by Mr.Handsome & Scrapbook Buddies...

Okie dokie, here's the time to show off my birthday gifts. LOL!!
Well, it's only once a year, so why not? Hehehe...

First off, here are the gifts I got from Mr.Handsome.
I am blessed having such loving and such romantic hubby :)

Every year without fail, Mr.Handsome will buy me a bouquet of roses!He will get the florist to send them to school along with a gift tag addressing to "Teacher Jessy". Isn't he cute? He is always so romantic & schweet!!

These are some pouches I made with the sewing machine I got.
Still need to practice my sewing skills because I can't seem to get straight lines. LOL!!

Mr. Handsome surprised me with this last gift on my birthday!! Seriously never expected CK summer perfume. He got the it because Wati gave him the male version!! I have a cute hubby :)

All the yummy Sassafrass Lass goodies I got from SSF Warehouse Sale!
Mr.Handsome bought them for me too!

*Thanks so much M for the MM Trimmer!! I've been wanting a new trimmer for the longest time and you got it for me. You are my guardian angel!! Oh yeah, thanks for the canvas class too! I seriously need to finish up the canvas :)

*Agnes, you've been such a great neighbor and friend!! Thanks alot for the BINGO Unity Stamp!! I love it to bits and can't wait to stamp it :)

These two amazing women always cook yummy food for me. Thanks alot!! So ladies, when's next?

* Macy, thank you so much for these Prima flowers!!
Yes, you know that I love flowers!!
Thanks for the opportunity to work together :)

Today I received this beautiful handmade coffee sleeves album by ever-talented, Ms.Wati Basri!! She really poured out her heart & soul on this project because there are tons of techniques she used on this album. I am very impressed!!

I kinda know that she'll send me something because she was telling me that she made something special over the weekend and asked me what time do I get back from school. LOL!! Well, to be honest, I have six sense at times! You can ask Mr. Handsome bout that. He always tells me that he feel so "naked" because I will know what he is thinking or what he is about to tell me at times. Freaky huh? That's me :)

Here you are with my all my yummo-gifts, there are more to come.
Will update it prob later!! I gotta feeling more to come. Hehe.
Thanks for dropping by!!

Xoxo Jessy


Wati Basri said...

You are a lucky girl! Love all the gifts especially the ssfs! Can share??!!! Hehehehe
btw gld u like the album, I took such a long time to finish it....but enjoyed the process :)

Mazlina said...

wow!! what a birthday.. and yummy presents!! so envious!! glad you had a wonderful birthday!

BabyBokChoy said...

#1 Wow, all these gifts from hubby, that's just fantastic!! You are very lucky girl!!!

#2 Sewing!! is it me or is that machine dripping CUTENESS???

#3 Tell Wati that I want to be her new BFF so she'd make me a cute album too! LOL!!!! I think I really must give that idea a try!!

Evelin said...

You are such a lucky, lucky girl!! :)

Hey, can I ask you where or what this SSF sale is? Sounds superbly yummy! :D

Happy crafting! :)

Jessy Christopher said...

Wati - I totally appreciate all the effort :) Love that album to bits!!

Mazlina - I'm glad that I had a good one too!

JJ - You are way too funny!! I can make you one too, you know??? *hint*

Eveline - Hey girl! Those SSF sales they have it once a year. Somewhere in summer. Do check out Maya Road & Pink Paislee too, also once a year... so be sure to check them out in 2010.

Happy crafting ladies!!