Our Photo Shoot

Alright when I said, our photo shoot, it was really our own photo shoot. A little info how this process was taken place. We had yummy food at Elcerdo, a spanish restaurant in KL town last Saturday. I got to experience the Spanish tradition that you have to smash the plate after you make a wish. It was a cool birthday dinner!! We also went to visit my baby sister, Joanne at Starbucks, Times Square. We did some catching up but I wish we could spend more time. I caught her at the wrong time. She had to work. I missed her! Thanks Jo for the yummy choc-hazelnut & dark mocha drinks! Yummo!

We got back home and we really took out the tripod & mounted our Canon DSLR on it. It was a fun & hilarious experience. Some shots were blur, funny-looking & weird too. LOL!! It wasn't easy at all because we were out of frame, need to reset the timer, shoot again, have a look & shoot again. Gosh the list never ends to get the shot that you really like! BUT it was all worthwhile :) I always wanted more pics of ourselves and I got them now!! Thanks Mr.Handsome for putting up with all my silly ideas. Can't wait for the next round *hint*

The cast
Director: Jessy Christopher
Photographer: Mr.Handsome & Canon 400D self-timer
Backdrop: Our "love nest" wall
Photo Editor: Jessy Christopher
Wardrobe: Jessy's by Michelle (Thanks babe)
Eric 's by yours truly, got them at Seed.

The self timer was accidentally on by Mr.Handsome & I did my thing!

Another one again!

Well self timer was on again & I did my thing again!

For this shot, we really took the standing fan out to play!!

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of any service to you pls visit, www.fourtwography.com

Happy Monday!
Xoxo Jessy


Wati Basri said...

i want those shots too!!!!!

BabyBokChoy said...

I can't believe you did these indoors!! You must have really good lighting or you have those photographer lights. These are fantastic!! You look sooooooooooo cute and sooooooooooooooooo sweet together.

Jessy Christopher said...

Hey JJ!! Yup, we did it in our house. We just blast the speed-lite & on all our lights at home... that's bout it! LOL!!

Chowchow said...

When are you doing it with me???