Sneaky Sneaky!!

Well, today I had awesome time conducting Cardmaking 101 at Papier Love! What was encourage to see was the siblings immediately purchased card supplies & tools so that they can continue to play at home :) At least I know that they learnt something.

After the class, Eric & I had Japenese food, missed those sushi... yummo!! We managed to watch "The Ugly Truth" and it was HILARIOUS! I really enjoy my Saturdays with Eric because we can just do anything together. Better enjoy all these "singlehood" moments before the babies enter into our lives. LOL!! Well, that is what I hear most of the time from all my mummy-friends, "Wait till you have babies, you won't be able to enjoy so much!" That's the ugly truth :(

Ok leaving you a sneaky of LCOM Monday Card Challenge. Check them out on Tuesday! Need to head the bed now. Nite nite everyone!!


Wati Basri said...

ya babe...enjoy it while you still can...but actly after the lil ones come will have a different sets of FUN!! hehehe

~Sasha Farina~ said...

:D double the fun when you're with babies!!!