Krista Kids Updates!!

It has been ages I last update about my students! Bad Teacher... LOL!! Last Thursday, I brought the camera to school & managed to get some shots of the students during music & movement session. My two lovely assistants, Teacher Farah & Nani helped me so that I can get those snaps. They're my very helpful extra hands and feet! Thanks ladies *hugs*. Oh yeah managed to get some shots while they were playing toys with their friends! They've grown so much and definitely they have learnt alot over the months. They have learnt new songs every week & new facts too!! I'm proud to have these 25 students in my class!!

Music & Movement session...

All these were captured during break...

The last two pics are the Play House students.
They came to say hi & aren't they cute?

Can't wait for tomorrow's festival party at school!!
Gotta catch some sleep now :) Nite everyone!

Xoxo Jessy


BabyBokChoy said...

Dear Teacher Jessy, raising hands, I have a question, what kind of camera do you have/use? My indoor pictures always look like, well, cr@p, lol, so far, I'm blaming on equipment :)

Jessy Christopher said...

You are so cute, JJ!!

Teacher Jessy uses a Canon 400d with external speed-lite. Speed-lite helps alot. Also set the camera to TV mode, 1/80, ISO 400 :) Let me know if it works for u.

Sasha Farina said...

well.. my indoor photos look like crap as well.. LOL. your kids are so cute JEssy!