Christmas Cardmaking Class

Hey peeps! Wanna shout out that I will be conducting a Christmas card-making class @ Papier Love. I am very excited for this class because Christmas is around the corner!! Woo hoo :)

Papier is also doing a charity drive for the Abacco Estate Children. We do hope kind samaritans will go to the store, pick a child's name & make his/her wishes come true.

For more info, pls check HERE

XoXo Jessy


Cindy Lee said...

I would love to learn from you! When is the class?

About the bride and groom, I search for the image from internet, resize it, print out and cut. I can share the image with you if you want.

Sasha Farina said...

card making!!! i need a lesson n card making.. i simply suck!!